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DiBond- Aluminum sandwich boards

Dibond® is a relatively lightweight, yet very rigid aluminum composite material, consisting of a polyethylene core and aluminum cover sheets with a total thickness of 3mm. Thicker and sturdier than .040ga. aluminum yet costing about the same, Dibond is far less likely to incur the dents or dings aluminum can. Since Dibond is not quite as sturdy as MDO, it’s usually mounted directly onto another surface, making it ideal for storefront or building signage. 



  • Maximum Size: 48"high x 96"wide (Store pickup only for sizes over 46" x 38")

  • High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720 resolution

  • Double sided printing available

  • Indoor and long term outdoor use

  • Waterproof

  • UV safe that will last for years

  • Rounded corners (optional)


  Material Options:

  • 1/8" DiBond-Aluminum Sandwich Board


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