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Dimensional Letters and ADA Signs

Dimensional letters are unique from our other signs in that there is no sign face needed – the letters are either stud or pad-mounted directly onto the surface of your choice. Made in plastic, aluminum, or steel (and a few other composites), custom letters can either be ordered from a variety of pre-selected fonts and styles, or custom-cut to specific font or logo requirements. Made for and used both indoors and out, custom letters are guaranteed by the manufacturer for life. About the only job not done in-house, custom letters can take 3-15 business days to arrive and are usually more costly than vinyl-lettered signs.



•    Indoor and outdoor
•    Metal, foam or plastic
•    Lifetime guarantee
•    Various mounting options
•    Several colors to choose from
•    Various finishes available
•    From 1” to 48” fonts
•    Various thicknesses​


  Material Options:

  • Made in plastic, aluminum, or steel (and a few other composites)


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