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Our magnet sheet uses a high quality 30 mil material with a smooth surface for best color printing. Best suited for car door signage, it also serves as temporary signage for construction sites or other quick-changing work environments.

Note: Please allow magnet to magnetize to your vehicle overnight before driving. Your magnet may detach if you do not allow ample time for magnetization.



  • Maximum Size: 24" High X 60' Wide

  • High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720

  • Printed on one side only

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.

  • Waterproof and UV safe that will last for years


  Material Options:

  • 30mil. Gloss Magnet

  • 30mil. Matte Magnet



Q: Is there a difference in cost for straight or rounded corners?

A: Straight cut is free, Rounded corners are $0.25 each cut.


Q: Can I purchase sizes larger than 24"x 60"?

A: At this time that is the maximum size available for our magnets. If you do need to go larger we recommend splitting the artwork into 2 smaller pieces. 


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