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MDO Plywood

MDO boards – or Medium Density Overlay plywood – are one of our most popular outdoor sign materials. Made up of 1/2 inch finished plywood, MDO boards are enamel painted on either one or both sides and are durable enough to last for years outside. Available in 4’x8’ or 5’x10’ panels, MDO can either be cut to smaller sizes, or combined together to make sign faces 16’x32’ and larger. Their sturdiness make them the default choice for free-standing post-mounted installations. Most commonly used by General Contractors, Commercial Real Estate firms, and Construction companies.



•    ½” finished plywood
•    Paintable
•    Sturdy – can be post-mounted
•    Long-lasting
•    Used for site board
•    Available in double-sided


  Material Options:

  • 1/2 inch finished plywood

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