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Plexiglass – or “plex” for short – produces some of the more beautiful sign faces with its high gloss surface and sophisticated appearance. Plexiglass has a smooth, professional appearance and works equally well indoors as outdoors. Available as opaque, most plex is translucent making it the sign material of choice for backlit lightbox signs; typical of shopping centers, pole signs, restaurants, retail stores and office complexes. Unlike Lexan, plex is breakable and can be destroyed by vandals or hail storms.



  • Mostly used outdoors

  • Translucent

  • Long –lasting

  • Usually in white or clear

  • Available in 1/16”, 1/8” and 1/4" thicknesses

  • Made in 4’x8’ to 6’x10’ sheets

  • Used for light boxes

  • Can crack/break

  • Less costly than Lexan



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